Amiville represents artists for Film, Synch, TV, Advertising, Video Game opportunities and Major Artist's song needs.


Song Placements
Creative Synchronization and Music Licensing (for All Visual and Interactive Media)
Custom Scoring and Composing
Custom Music Packages for (TV, Film, Advertising)
Custom Song Writing

Direct Song pitching to A&R's for their Major Recording Artists

We take a thoughtful, long-term approach to building both a stellar song catalogue from the most talented musicians that our team is proud to work so closely with on a daily basis. Our mission is to deliver value from every single song in our catalogue by consistently pulling rabbits out of hats for our clients.


As an independent, we can make decisions that are not only commercially sound but that match the creative ambitions of those we work with. We understand our industry like nobody else and not only are we aware of new trends but we help create them. We are also the producer of the Weekly Syndicated Top 20 Countdown show USTOP20.FM and THE SOIRÉE event during GRAMMY® Week.